Art Curator

Katherine Cavanaugh joined Stories Connect as Art Curator and Resident Artists in September 2018 as our new Resident Artist and Curator. She is responsible for our visual arts program, including exhibitions, classes, curation of our art collection, collaboration with our community’s artists, and creation of original art for Stories Connect and University Church. Visitors to Sanctuary Cafe may recall that Katherine’s work was exhibited in the cafe this September; she also designed our Margarito’s Forest installation, which featured the artwork of Allison Havens from the book of the same name written by Andy Carter.

Katherine has a passion for uplifting the art of working class and people of oppressed identities, making visual art accessible for those who aren’t usually offered a role in the mainstream art market, and exploring spiritual and liturgical themes as a Christian artist. As a communist organizer, Katherine strives to use her education to put art in service of revolutionary proletarian struggle. You can read more about Katherine at her personal page.