Help Sanctuary Cafe Close Debt-Free

By Martin McKinney  /  June 17, 2019
Business as usual at Sanctuary Cafe closed on June 15.  Many people have asked about whether Sanctuary Cafe has found its
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By Martin McKinney  /  December 17, 2018
A Celebration of the Longest Night Join Stories Connect, Sanctuary Cafe and University Church as we celebrate an unforgettable evening of
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Art Exhibition Celebration: Margarito’s Forest

By Martin McKinney  /  September 25, 2018
Margarito's Forest Celebration October 26th Join in this celebration of original collage art by Allison Havens that illustrated Margarito’s Forest, a children’s
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And Let The Heathen Say Amen

By Nora Gaines  /  March 6, 2017
When I left the church I also largely left behind regularly holding space to celebrate and mourn with others in
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On This Day

By Jené A. Colvin  /  February 28, 2017
  "I thought I needed to just figure it out with the “God” people kept telling me about. This “God” that
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the bathroom

By lora burge  /  February 7, 2017
"Will she have thought it necessary to report this to someone at the front desk, which was within sight of
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What Now?

By David V. Goodwin  /  January 24, 2017
Until the day that liberation is considered more critical than oppression, regimes like Trump will continue ruling the world: he
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Lost In Translation

By Sophia Har  /  January 10, 2017
Every day I learn from Black women, men, and children who demonstrate self-love and who put their well-being on the
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Post Election, Calm Down

By Gregg Hunter  /  December 12, 2016
Post Election Calm Down and Liberal Christians in the Age of Trump on this episode of These Wallz, a space
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In His Defense

By Gregg Hunter  /  November 21, 2016
In the aftermath of the recent U.S. Presidential election, we are encouraging our essayists to write and share their own
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A Love Letter to the Left

By Jessica Havens  /  November 15, 2016
In the afternath of the recent U.S. Presidential election, we are encouraging our essayists to write and share their own
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Coming Out of Shame

By Martin McKinney  /  October 24, 2016
During the month of October, we observe LGBT History Month. LGBT History Month is a month-long annual observance of lesbian,
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The Forgetting….Char Daston

By Char Daston  /  October 4, 2016
We started this series to advocate for José Juan Federico Moreno, a man who is in Sanctuary at University Church,
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Colin Kaepernick: Sports, Race, Religion, and Patriotism

By Martin McKinney  /  September 30, 2016
In this premiere of our Barbershop podcast, this episode focuses on sports and interconnectivity of militarism, patriotism, and religion. Colin Kaepernick
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By lora burge  /  September 27, 2016
The other day I walked out of church.  Don’t get me wrong. It’s something I have thought about doing before
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The Joy and Frustration of a (Woke) Dream Come True

By Nora Gaines  /  September 20, 2016
In this follow up to her essay, We Are Not All Strong Black Women, Nora Gaines, while calling out systems of
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Conceptual Homelessness

By Sergio Centeno  /  September 13, 2016
In this premiere of our series on homelessness, Sergio Centeno introduces the term Conceptual Homelessness. Sergio, while himself experiencing housing
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Two Masters

By Gregg Hunter  /  August 22, 2016
  “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will
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Photograph by Martin McKinney. Permission is reserved.

La Alemania.

By Martin McKinney  /  August 9, 2016
by Martin McKinney Recently, I visited a community in the Colombia state of Sucre. Named La Alemania, the community of twelve
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We Are Not All Strong Black Women

By Nora Gaines  /  August 2, 2016
Nora Gaines joins Stories Connect with her essay, "We Are Not All Strong Black Women." In this debut essay, Nora
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By Jessica Havens  /  July 26, 2016
  “The wound is where the Light enters you.” -Rumi   I am lying in the arms of my lover, sobbing. It’s embarrassing
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How Can I Extend Peace When Everything I Represent is War?

By Martin McKinney  /  July 21, 2016
When what you have to offer is financially significant, but devoid of the lips, the lives, and the heart of
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Resisting Police Violence in an Environment Where Your Life Does Not Matter

By Martin McKinney  /  July 15, 2016
To understand why police violence works, we must turn to capitalism and how it created modern policing and how that
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Why We Must Dismantle Unjust Institutions, Not Reform Them

By Martin McKinney  /  July 12, 2016
Martin McKinney serves as the executive producer of Stories Connect  We started this series to advocate for Jose Juan Federico Moreno,
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The Black That White Produced

By Christopher Williams  /  June 28, 2016
Christopher Flowers is an essayist for Stories Connect conversing on issues of race, oppression, theology, and liberation.    “Chris isn't black, he’s
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Unwelcome in White Queer Spaces: Black and Brown Queer Under Siege

By Derrick Dawson  /  June 21, 2016
Derrick Dawson is an essayist for Stories Connect covering issues in the areas of sexuality, race and oppression, physical limitations
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Utilizing Privilege and Power to Create Change

By Eric Bjorlin  /  April 12, 2016

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eric bjorlin joins us as a regular contributor with his essay, Utilizing Privilege and Power to Create Change. eric
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Stories Connect in Guatemala

By Martin McKinney  /  April 1, 2016

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Our executive producer, Martin, will be traveling to Guatemala in April to commune with a Mayan Community that suffered
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Sold Down The River

By Gregg Hunter  /  March 18, 2016

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Inspired by the art of James V. AllenBy Gregg Hunter          The night is still as I float down the murky
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About James V. Allen

By Martin McKinney  /  March 18, 2016

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Sold Down The River - Where Art Stands As  A Light In The Middle Of the Desert With Martin
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Soul Garden

By Gregg Hunter  /  March 8, 2016

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  This poem, written by Gregg Hunter, was inspired by Derrick Dawson's essay, The Experiences That Shape Us.   Daisy Daffodil dances next to
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The Experiences That Shape Us

By Derrick Dawson  /  February 16, 2016

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  Explore the Art Download the Conversation Listen on Soundcloud By Derrick Dawson “…I cannot afford the luxury of fighting one form of oppression only.
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