Stories Connect in Guatemala
Annually we visit an indigenous community called Saq Ja. Our effort is to expand research, connect with the people and understand how this community resists under persistent state sanctioned and sponsored violence and strives to educate themselves in an increasingly challenging environment. The collection contains rich reflections and photography. 

Stories Connect in Colombia
Our essayist spent 4 weeks in Colombia to study the ways that race impacts a country emerging from 50 years of war, and that continues to displace indigenous and communities of color. Using sensitive, but direct engagement, we learned from communities about efforts to maintain subsistence living and resist corporate efforts to marketize entire communities. The collection includes personalized stories and photos that show the daily lives of the communities in which we lived.  

Connect With Our Essayists
Our essayists come from varied and diverse backgrounds representing multiple layers of oppression. Our essayists engage directly with issues that they find important and fundamental to living. Our essayists identity is rooted in, and analyzes, the perspective of the most oppressed, while simultaneously inviting those who do not fit normative identity to engage around shared oppression in an effort to create deeply meaningful relationship.  You may contact any of our essayists by visiting their profile page.

Explore Our Art
Using art, we work to bring together layers of oppression: race, gender, sexual identity, patriarchy, with rich displays of portraiture, prose, spoken word, video and audio. Because we do not embrace the language of individuality and that our collective voices are stronger, more meaningful and more loving and we believe that changing systems cannot occur in an environment of individuality, we aim to use art to reach people in obscure places of thought that breaks division and joins people in emotional ways.