Colombia 2016

Stories Connect in Colombia

Photograph by Martin McKinney. Permission is reserved.
Community Men Meeting in La Alemania, San Onofre, Colombia.

An integral part of who we are is found in our work to identify systems and institutions of oppression and how those systems reside within us. It is also important that we allow our essayists and collaborators to develop their voices and analyses of these systems in diverse settings. In 2016, Stories Connect’s executive producer spent a month in communities along the Caribbean coast of Colombia observing race, violence and how capital affects these realities for people.

Photograph by Martin McKinney. Permission is reserved.
Community members headed to La Alemania to start the days work in San Onofre, Colombia.

Martin’s goal with his residency was to connect some of the many manifestations of oppression while connecting people in both countries as a result. You can read the essays Martin wrote while in country, including Peace and War and La Alemania. and view the photos taken during Martin’s residency. More essays and photos will be posted as they are developed in this organically curated presentation.