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Jessica Havens is Chicago-raised, Denver-based essayist for Stories Connect. She is an educator, facilitator and consultant who works to engage our hearts and stories in conversations on identity & power, gender & race, oppression/privilege & spirituality.  Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and a Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies. Her Master’s thesis is entitled Of Heart, Mind & Belonging: Reflections on Anti-Racist White Identity Development. 

Jessica writes a monthly essay on topics including attending to the emotional self, developing an anti-racist ideology and power and privilege. Read Jessica’s archive here at ST and follow her at

A Love Letter to the Left

By Jessica Havens  /  November 15, 2016
In the afternath of the recent U.S. Presidential election, we are encouraging our essayists to write and share their own
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By Jessica Havens  /  July 26, 2016
  “The wound is where the Light enters you.” -Rumi   I am lying in the arms of my lover, sobbing. It’s embarrassing
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