Martin, Executive Producer - The Stories Connect idea came to Martin as a result of personal family tragedy in 2013 when he found himself entangled in the criminal justice system. Having enjoyed and left a career in real estate, Martin began a personal journey that reflected on a childhood of human rights work and a desire to return to those roots. Martin has always been interested in the complexity of commitment and how it creates, informs and impedes human relationship.

Martin is an avid runner and personal chef who enjoys all things delightful and believes in the capacity to love meaningfully, fully and freely. Martin also believes that forgiveness is what enriches the human experience and truly pleases god.

Jean, Managing Producer
- Jean manages the day-to-day operations of Stories Connect. Jean has years of experience working in the nonprofit sector in Chicago, both as staff and contractor. From working at established agencies with developmentally challenged adults to a grassroots school reform organization to start-up nonprofits, Jean has contributed in many ways to the smooth operation and quality branding of many nonprofits.