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Soul Garden

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This poem, written by Gregg Hunter,
was inspired by Derrick Dawson's essay,
The Experiences That Shape Us.


Daisy Daffodil dances next to Robert Rose in the

garden, gaily grinning while sipping on gin while

Viola Violet winks at Lola Lilly. Swaying and swinging,

all playfully prance a jitterbug to Billy Bamboo’s sweet sweet tune.


At the sound of a new song sprouts Wendy Weed among

thorns, thistle and tares threshed from fresh wheat.

Music grows mute at far away sight of a foreigner,

daring to dance amongst the Gardener’s prettiest plants.


Long looks exchanged but all remain rooted in their

spaces, seeing each other through eyes slim as a feline’s

until Paul Pansy’s petal falls from his hair

and drops dead to Wendy who picks up the piece.


Wind blows Paul to Wendy’s outstretched palm

and in an eye’s blink empathy blooms as the

two foes turned friends look longingly at the other

while the Gardener grins and the song begins again.

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