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Our executive producer, Martin, will be traveling to Guatemala in April to commune with a Mayan Community that suffered genocide in the civil war that lasted from 1960 until 1996. Many of the indigenous populations were also displaced and have been struggling to return to their communities. During his time there, Martin will engage deeply and study how political, social and economic systems are used to displace, marginalize and silence entire communities of people, how these systems affect the lived experiences of the communities and how these systems mirror the U.S. context, history and practice. Martin will seek to document (through writing and photography) some continuing efforts at resistance among affected communities and how those communities interact with supporters, both domestic and international.

Martin will also be collecting photographs and preparing video presentations that present the loss, protest and perseverance of the indigenous communities affected despite continuing state-sponsored violence and human rights abuses. Martin will be in Guatemala from April 14 to April 23, 2016. Look for more analysis upon his return and you can follow his travel blog here.

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