Submission Guidelines

Thinking About Submitting An Essay?

Here's Some Helpful Information for Essayists

Stories Connect is a recorded conversation, event convener and arts collaborator that invites conversation around the social, political and economic movements of our time. We ask the questions that are difficult to understand without deep personal connection and enquiry. We pursue the idea that we are all the “others” with deep investment in race as a means to stall collective, sustainable progress. You are writing for an international readership (English is the primary language for many, but we will translate some articles to Spanish) and for posterity. You don't have solutions, and you are part of the problem, so don't demonize. You are providing context and deep threading inside your articles that allow the reader to create emotional connection to the content, and as a result, others who are affected, directly, or indirectly by the themes proposed.

General Procedure:

  1. If you are an essayist, you should write what you're passionate about, as long as it responds to the problem of race as a tool of division that sustains other forms of oppression. 
  2. Submit your essay by email in Word (*.doc or *.docx) format attached or as an email. You can also just pitch your essay idea. No PDF's.
  3. We generally don't edit for content, just layout and styling.
  4. We generally use peer review to make sure our voices aren't singular. We may send your essay to another essayist for comment.
  5. We will send you the final draft before publishing.

Formatting Guidelines:

  1. Don't worry, we will format it.
  2. Be sure to give us links and keywords/statements that need to be inserted.
  3. We generally do our artwork. If you have artwork, send it and be sure to tell us who to attribute the photo to. Don't send anything you don't have permission to use.
  4. If this is your first go-round with us, include a bio statement of no more than 50 words and a recent photo of yourself. Also include any social media links so folks can reach you. So you know, we use social media links in multiple venues and various media. If your social media profile is indefensible, you should pull it down irrespective of us.
  5. We are not scientist or researchers. If it feels like a research paper, don't send it. Put yourself inside the essay, find the voice that reads passion and then send it.